Does Volaris Have a Pet Policy?

Are you worried about your pet you do not want to leave behind? Volaris gives you a chance to take your pet with you. However, you can only carry a dog or cat with you. That too, comes with terms and conditions. Volaris allows you to bring your pet with you, however it is subject to some restrictions. Therefore, understanding Volaris airlines pet policy can help you get on the flight easily. So, read the blog below carefully to learn more. You will surely get answers to all of your questions. 

Can You Bring Pets on Volaris?

Yes. First of all, Volaris only allows cats and dogs on its flights. Therefore, the airline provides you two options: Pet on Board and Checked Pet. However, you need to take care of some terms and conditions in both the options. 

Terms and Conditions for Pet on Board 

You need to fulfill the following conditions when you want to carry your pet on the flight.

Measurements for Pet Carrier

  • You must be carrying your pet in a container that satisfies the following requirements:
  • Carrier is safe to transfer by flight. 
  • It should not exceed the measurements (44x30x19 cm)
  • Carrier must give a proper space to the pet. 

Carrier Material 

You can only use the following types of carrier for your pets(dog and cat):

  • Fabric
  • Strong plastic
  • Bubble backpacks
  • Carrier Quality
  • Your carrier must be 
  • Waterproof
  • Fully ventilated
  • Wheel free
  • Scratch proof
  • Handles to carry 
  • Anti escape closure
  • In addition, it must contain any item that can injure your pet. 
  • Proper Place for Pets
  • You should put the carrier beneath the seat before you. Additionally, keep your personal belongings under the overhead bin. 

Mention the Contact Details and Pet Identity

You must mention the following details on the pet carrier:

  • Contact details such as name, number, and address)
  • Pet details like name, sex, age, etc.

Use Leakproof Containers

Keep your pet food and water in a leakproof container. Also, the container must have a necessary feature that can manage the kitty litter and smell.

Note: The weight of the carrier with a pet must not exceed 10 kg

Terms and Conditions for Checked Pet

All other requirements are the same for checked pets. However, you need to check the carrier weight and measurement to use the checked pet option.

Appropriate Carrier Weight and Measurements

The weight of the carrier and pet should not exceed 45 kg

For Length: The carrier length must fit the pet from the nose tip to the tail head. Also, leave some space for movement, for example, a quarter.

For Width: It should be equal to twice the width of the pet. Consider the biggest part of your pet for measurement. 

For Height: It should be equal to the animal height from head or ear tip to the bottom. 

The carrier must have enough space to allow perfect movement for the pet. 

Note: For pets traveling checked in, you should get them immediately upon reaching the conveyor belt for collecting baggage.

What are the Volaris Service Restrictions for Carrying Your Pet?

Are you planning to travel with your pet on Volaris? You must take care of some service restrictions. Therefore, you can carry your dog or cat only when you meet the following requirements.

  • You can not carry an unvaccinated pet under 4 months. 
  • Similarly, Volaris does not allow Sick, Dead,  Pregnant, or Violent pet on the plane
  • Further, you can carry an individual animal in a single carrier.
  • Your pet must not undergo surgery 5 days prior to flight. 
  • Similarly, you can not use the pet services on any type of Frontier-operated flight. 
  • Lastly, Volaris allows the window seat for dogs but not for premium and emergency exits. 
  • However, cats can only use the window seat in the last row. 

What Documents Do I Need to Travel with My Pets on Volaris?

Volaris requires you to submit some important documents when you are traveling with your pet. Therefore, must carry the following documents as you may need to furnish them as and when required:

Vaccination Certificate

  • You need to show a vaccination certificate for rabies or booster dose. It can be valid for one, two, or three years. 
  • Pay attention for 30 days when your pet is receiving the rabies vaccine for the first time. 
  • Similarly, pets equal to or above 15 months can take a booster dose for rabies. 
  • Further, it will remove the condition of 30 days.
  • Finish the deworming treatment for your pet( within six months prior to flight).

Note: Read the brief information on vaccination certificate requirements for pets on a journey to Honduras and Peru on the Volaris official website.

Medical Certificate

  • You need to submit the original medical certificate proving the good health of your pet. 
  • The document should include the following details on the letterhead:

Veterinarian license number Copy of license

  • Further, submit the document dated within 5 days prior to flight.
  • Suppose your return date is after 5 days; then you need a separate certificate. 
  • You need to show a Sanitary Inspection Certificate(ICA approved) when you are coming from Colombia. 
  • For travel within Central and South America, you need an International Animal Health Export Certificate approved by SAGARPA, SENASICA, SENASA ,CENTREX
  • However, you do not require the above certificate when you travel between the United States and Mexico. 
  • SENASICA executive will check your pet health on arrival. 

Does Volaris Restrict Any Breed?

Yes. Volaris restrict some specific breeds to carry on the flight. It includes the following breeds:

Brachycephalic and Small breeds: Brachycephalic or small pets are prone to health issues while on board. Therefore, Volaris may require you to sign a liability statement at the airport helpdesk. 

You can check out the list of such breeds on the official website of the airline.

Dangerous Breeds: You can not either carry or checked in pets of aggressive nature. It includes breeds like Rottweiler, Tosa Inu, Brazilian Mastiff, Antolian shepherd etc. 

How Much Volaris Charge to Add A Pet to Flight?

Usually, the airline charges a pet fee between $100 and $200 that differs with the destination. You can check out the latest pricing structure by contacting Volaris representatives directly. 


So, if you want to carry your pet on a Volaris flight, keep the above requirements in mind. It will save you time and help avoid any inconvenience at the airport. Therefore, you must check out your pet breed and rules for the same on volaris. Lastly, get in touch with Volaris to learn about charges for pet services or any other query.