Are you going to board your Volaris flight soon & stressing over the check in process?  With easy Volaris check in policy, you can complete your check in process ahead of your flight. Therefore, you can use a web or mobile check in facility to get your boarding pass online. Further, it will expedite the boarding process on reaching the airport. So, let us learn more about the check in & boarding with Volaris. 

How Many Hours Before Can You Check in Volaris?

Check in time is the first thing that comes to every passenger’s mind. Therefore, the answer is very simple. Volaris check-in time limit depends on the flight type. 

  • For Domestic Flight: You should complete the check in baggage maximum 2 hours prior to flight.
  • For International Flight:  You should complete the check in baggage by 3 hours prior to flight. 

However, you can complete the check in online ahead of time at the comfort of your home. 

  • For Domestic flight: You can complete the check in 3, 5 and 7 days prior to flight depending on your fare type.
  • For International flight: you can complete check in 24 hours to one hour before flight. 

Types of Check in Process on Volaris

Volaris provides various types of check in processes. It further makes the boarding process easy and speedy for its passengers. Therefore, you can choose any of them as per your convenience. 

Through Volaris Website

  • Visit the Volaris official website
  • Then, scroll to my trips section
  • Further, type your booking code and surname
  • Similarly, choose from the different flight
  • Enter details of passengers for check in 
  • Then, read conditions for harmful materials 
  • Click on “continue” button
  • Further, choose a seat for you 
  • Similarly, enter the details for international flight such as passport and visa. 
  • Next, select any additional services you need and 
  • You are good to go.

Note: Do not forget to get a print of boarding pass on your mobile phone. 

Mobile App

  • Download the Volaris app on your device (iOS or Android). 
  • Click on the “My Trips” section 
  • Further, type your booking code and last name
  • Choose from the different flight
  • Next, select the passengers 
  • Then, click on the “continue” button.
  • Further, select additional services you require
  • Tap on the “Accept” button for guidelines for baggage.
  • Then, tap on the “Generate boarding pass” button. 
  • Your boarding pass will appear on the screen.
  • Save it and present it to the representative at the airport.

On WhatsApp

  • Save Volaris WhatsApp number ( +52 55 5898 8599) on this device 
  • Then, select a language.
  • Further, select from the menu consisting various options. 
  • Click on “Get Boarding Pass” and
  • Then , go with the guided process

Volaris chatbot Vane helps you check  in for flights travelling within Mexico

Where Do You Get the Reservation Code for Volaris Boarding Pass?

Volaris Airlines sends the reservation code in your email once you buy your ticket. However, in case you lost it , then you can easily retrieve it by texting Volaris on WhatsApp. 

Reservation code consists of 6 characters(numbers & letters). It further helps you get the boarding pass. 

How to Download/Print My Boarding Pass on Volaris?

Printing or Downloading a boarding pass was never as easy as it is with Volaris. Therefore, you can save the boarding pass in your mobile and scan it at the boarding gate. 

You can easily print your boarding pass in the following ways:

By Visiting Volaris website: You can visit the Volaris website to print your boarding pass. For that, you need to keep the passenger name and booking number handy. Once you complete your check in process click on the download boarding pass. Further, you can show that to the scanner at the airport.

You can get the boarding pass 

  • Between 72 hours and 1 hour prior to domestic flight.
  • Between 24 hours and 1 hour prior to international flight.

From Kiosk at the Airport: You can also use the Kiosk option at the airport. First, go to Volaris kiosk and type the pnr number. Further change the default seat number and click on print boarding pass. Lastly, go to the TSA and boarding gate. 

What After Getting My Volaris Boarding Pass?

Once you get your boarding pass online, then you have two option:

  • Check in With Baggage: Volaris executive will put an identification tag on your baggage to set it on the plane.  After dropping your bags proceed further for the security check. 
  • Check in Without Baggage: When you have nothing to check, you can straightaway go for the security check. Further, sit in the waiting area and listen the announcement for boarding

How the Boarding Process Works on Volaris?

Have you completed the check in process and downloaded your boarding pass? Then, you must be wondering about the boarding process now. Therefore, the points below will help you learn about the smooth boarding process. 

First Step

Must carry your official ID like passport and visa(international flight) and remember your booking code before reaching the airport. 

Second Step

Visit the Volaris counter on reaching the Volaris terminal with the following things:

  • Personal documents
  • Reservation code
  • Boarding pass 

Third Step

Go for the security check. Place your baggage in the scanning machine. Try to keep the metal items in your luggage or the trays to pass them through the scanner. The airline can use the metal detector.

Fourth Step

Next, you should check the boarding gate number from your ticket. Further, reach the waiting area in the time limit depends on your flight type such as

  • For Domestic flight: Reach the waiting area 45 minutes prior to flight
  • For International flight: Reach the waiting area 1 hour before the flight time. 

Fifth Step

Listen carefully to the announcement for the boarding. Do not forget to check your seat number and boarding zone on the pass. Further, join the queue once the boarding process begins. 

Sixth Step

Now, you are ready to board the flight and sit on your booked seat. Place your baggage at the appropriate place and follow the security instructions. 

Important Things to Consider During Boarding on Volaris

If you want to make your boarding process smoother on Volaris, then keep the below important points in mind:

  • You should keep the following items in your carryon baggage only: Electronic items, Valuables, Documents and Medicines
  • Similarly, Volaris does not allow liquids or gels above 100 ml in carry-on baggage. 
  • Further, you need to cooperate with the security as it may disallow you from keeping some items in your checked in baggage.
  • Try to reach the airport early as the screening process can take time most probably in peak season. This way you can remove the unexpected delays


So, you can easily complete the Volaris check in process using the above information. Further, it helps you experience the smooth boarding experience and take complete joy of your journey. For any doubt you can connect with Volaris representatives & learn about the check in process.