Complete Guide : Volaris Airlines Cancellation

A passenger may want to cancel the Flights booking, because of the change in Plan. And the cancellation Process can be a discomforting experience, but if you have booked your flight with Volaris then this can be an easy process. By knowing the Volaris Airlines cancellation policy, you can easily cancel your Flight trouble-free

The cancellation policy helps the passengers cancel their flights and provides flexibility regarding the Volaris Cancelled Flight. So, let’s go through the cancellation Policy and related details.

Important Point of Volaris Cancellation.

Before making any changes/cancellation, the passenger should know all the key components. Knowing these can also help the passengers get travel insights.

  • The Grace Period of Cancellation: Volaris provides 24-hour grace periods to customers for canceling their flight without paying a Fee.
  • Cancellation Process: the policy helps passengers to cancel their flights easily, they can do so by visiting the website or by calling customer service.
  • Fare Types: The fare types come with flexibility, the fare can also provide the flexibility of seat upgrades, refunds, and charges.
  • Cancellation on International Flights: The Airlines Cancellation Policy applies for both domestic and international flights. Some countries might have a few rules that you need to know bout international flight Refunds and Cancellations.
  • Canceled Refund: depending on the cancellation and fare types, the passenger can be eligible for a refund but for that, you should know the policy.

An Overview of Volaris Flight Cancellation Policy

Volaris Airlines Cancellation policy provides the flexibility to customers to cancel their flights within 24 hours without paying any fee, and passengers can also make a refund Request. So, there are some highlights that we all need to know before making a cancellation.

  • Passengers can cancel the Volaris Reservation without a fee if they cancel the flight within 24 hours.
  • And, if the flight is canceled after 24 hours, the passenger has to pay the fee.
  • The flight ticket on Volaris should be made 7 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Cancellation amount varies according to the type of flight.
  • The Refund amount will be given to the passengers to the original payment mode.

And, if the passenger wants to change their flight, then they can contact customer service for better help in changing flights.

Volaris 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

The Passenger can cancel their Flight within 24 hours of their reservation. As for the Volaris 24-hour cancellation, passengers do not have to pay the cancellation fee. And if these passengers want to take their canceled Flight Refund, then they should follow the below-mentioned points

  • The flight booked should be from the USA.
  • To get the refund, the booking should be done from the website or the Mobile app.
    If the booking is made outside the website, then the airline will not provide any Refund.

These are a few highlights that passengers should take before canceling the flight or if they want a refund.

We cancel our flight because of some reason, and with the Volaris Airlines cancellation policy, if the cancellation reason is genuine then the passenger can get the refund, and the reimbursement when the cancellation is completed within 24 hours.

Bad Weather Cancellation Policy of Volaris

The Airline can not provide any refund or reimburse any amount if the volaris cancel the flight because of bad weather or any situation that is not under the control of the Airline.
Inserted the Airline will help you in booking you to the next flight. You can cancel this flight by visiting the manage my booking or by dialing the number.

How to Cancel the Volaris Flight Ticket?

As we know all the policies and highlights of it, let’s quickly get into the Process of canceling the Flight. The process is straightforward if you follow the steps mentioned below.

Learn How to Cancel Your Volaris Flights

Online Method

  • To cancel the flight, visit the website
  • Then, access your flight details and Tap on Cancel Flight.
  • Confirm the cancellation after entering the required details.
  • After that, a new tab will open and it will show the policy, read the highlights carefully, and TAP Next.

So, with the help of the above-mentioned steps, you can easily cancel a flight. But it is better to learn about the policy every time you cancel your flight. Moreover, other than this online method, passenger can cancel their flight with the offline method.

Offline Method

So, if you fail with the online flight cancellation method, then this also can be done using the Volaris Cancel Flight Number. For that, you can call the airline customer service representative using this number, and you will talk to a person to cancel your flight.

Once your call gets connected, the representative will thoroughly guide you throughout the cancellation process. After that, make the payment and complete the process.
Passengers can also reach the representative by the following Numbers.

City/Area/CountryContact Numbers
Beyond the Mexico City01-800-122-8000
Within the Metropolitan Area and Mexico City1102-8000

Note: once the flight is canceled you can claim the refund. And for getting the refund, you may need to submit the bank details or related documents.

Volaris Cancellation At the Airport

The Volaris Airlines cancellation policy says that the flight cancellation process can be completed by visiting the Airport Ticket Office. Once you reach the airport, provide the right details of your booking to the representative after requesting him to cancel your flight.
If additional information is required, provide it and complete the process.

Can I Cancel the Volaris Flight After 24 Hours?

Yes, you can cancel your Flight after 24 hours of booking. For the Volaris 24-hour cancellation, follow the steps:

  • Visit the website of Volaris.
  • Look for the find my trip option.
  • Enter the flight details.
  • Tap on cancel the flight.
  • Make the cancellation payment.

Complete your volaris flight cancellation with these simple steps.

What is the Fee for Volaris Flight Cancellation?

The flight cancellation policy mentioned that you have to pay the Cancellation fee. The volaris cancellation fee can be calculated by the flight ticket type that you have booked.

The cancellation fee can not be paid if it’s done within the risk-free window. However, if the risk-free window crosses, the customer has to pay the amount.

The cost of the flight cancellation can be as follows:

  • The cancellation amount of $100 to $500 will have to be paid for Mexican Carrier after the risk-free window.
  • And the amount of $100 to $400 you have to pay if the flight is canceled within 24 hours of departure.

Note: To know the right cancellation fee, you can call the customer service team or Simply visit the official website.

How often Does Volaris Airlines Cancel the Flights?

Overall, Flight cancellations are low by Volaris Airlines, as the technical professionals ensure that everything is fixed and Checked in advance. You can inquire about the cancellation earlier by visiting the airport. The staff is always there to help you.

The Airline only cancels the Flight, if the situation is not under control, and even in that case, they will rebook the flight into the next flight. So, make sure to check the cancellation policy.

Volaris Refund Policy : How to Get Refund from Flights?

To get the refund passenger needs to Provide the related documents.

  • The flight is canceled with the refundable ticket, the passenger can get the refund.
  • The refund can be given on the original payment mode.
  • For the refund, you have to submit the refund request if you have booked your flight with an agent.
  • And if the flight is booked with OTA’s then the airline will not provide any Refund.


The Cancellation Policy helps with the various needs of the passengers while making the reservation. By understanding Volaris Airlines cancellation policy, passengers can easily cancel their flight, make the right decision, and plan their travel with more confidence and comfort. However, if you want to know more about the policy, reach out to the customer service team, speak with a representative for help, and get the required assistance.

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