How to Change my Name on Volaris Tickets?

At the time of booking your flight, if you have made any error in your name, then it can be corrected with the easy name change procedure. Volaris Name Change Policy allows the passenger to make changes, Whether they want to correct their name or want to make a minor name change, they can do so by visiting the website or by calling the Airline customer service.

And it should be noted that passengers are not allowed to change their name before 4 hours of the booking schedule. So, let’s find out the complete details of the name Change.

Volaris Name Change/Correction Policy

There are a few name-change guidelines that one should know before changing the name, and some of the guidelines state that a passenger can not proceed when:

  • The minor or adult booking needs to change the name; in this, passengers are not allowed to change the name.
  • Passengers have already put themselves on a new show.
  • Flight ticket is booked with the credits or using the gift.
  • If the booking is done in a group, then name change is allowed on a single flight and cannot be done in a group.

24-hour Name Change Policy on Volaris

Before diving into the Volaris airlines name Change on the Ticket process, there is a 24-hour
name change policy that passengers can get through:

  • By choosing the 24-hour name change option, the passenger can not pay the charges.
  • If the changes are completed within 24 hours, the fee will not be charged.
  • And when the changes are completed after 24 hours, there will be a fee that every passenger has to pay.

Things to Know Before Making the Name Change

  • The name on the ticket should match the Passport Name.
  • The flight cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Up to 4 characters are allowed for a name change, such as last name, middle name, or first name.
  • You can Reebok or get a refund if the flight is not eligible for a name change.
  • To change the name, the passenger has to pay the change fee.
  • If you booked your flight with multiple destinations, you could only proceed with the Volaris name change option.

What are the Various Reasons for Changing the Name of Volaris?

There are multiple reasons for which passengers want to change their names, and some of them are listed below:

  • Name change because of Marriage.
  • Name change because of legal name.
  • The name was changed because of a minor mistake.
  • Name change because you have misspelled your middle name or last name.

What do I have to Submit for a Name Change on Volaris?

There are documents that you need to submit while correcting any mistake. The documents are:

  • Visa and Passport are the main things.
  • Government-issued ID, Proof of driving license, or address proof.
  • Marriage certificate, adoption papers, etc.
  • Name change fee receipt.

How can I Request My Name Change on a volaris flight?

Volaris Airlines offers several options to request a name change. Here are all the ways to change passenger name on volaris, so follow the steps carefully.

Make a Request through the Website:

  • Visit the Website of the Volaris
  • Select the Manage My Trip option.
  • Then, select the flight and enter the details.
  • After you get the list of flights, tap on it.
  • Select your flight and then Tap edit.
  • Make the changes in your name and pay the fee.

At the last, when complete the process the airline confirms the email.

Make a request through Phone Number.

The passenger can change their name by calling the customer service representative, and the representative will guide you with other problems as well.

To request a phone, dial the number and make a request, provide the details, and when it is done, the representative will ask you for the fee.

The contact numbers of some of the popular destinations are listed below which can be used to change the name.

Location Phone Numbers
Mexico+52 (55) 1102 8000
USA+11 855 VOLARIS (8652747)
Guatemala +502 2301 3939
Costa Rica+506 4002 7462

Make a Request At the Airport

If the name change request through both the website and by calling fails, then you can do so by visiting the Airport. So, to change the name at the Airport, follow the steps:

  • Go to the Airport Ticket Counter.
  • Contact the agent and inform them about the name change.
  • Then, provide the details of your flight.
  • Like first name change, last name, and the reason.
  • Then, the details are reviewed by the agent, and he will change the name.
  • Make the payment and complete the process.

The agent will complete the request and provide you with the ticket to proceed with the Volaris airlines Check-in.

Volaris Name Change Fee

If you make the name changes after 24 hours of The flight booking, the Airline will charge a volaris change name fee to complete the process. The charges for the change are mentioned below:

Flight Departure Time Online changesChanges through call Changes at the Airport 
Less than 15 days$250$250$300
More than 15 days$300$300$350

Other than this, there are some conditions when airlines also charge a fee. To check the fee, check the table below:

Conditions Name change Fee
National Routes61 USD
International routes 110 USD
International routes IntraCAM, SAM-CAM110 USD


Changing the name on the Flight can be a hectic task, but by knowing the right Volaris Name Change Policy, and guidelines, you can easily complete the Process. However, if you need further details on Volaris, contact the customer service team, provide the related documents, pay the associated fee, and complete the Process. Call at any time and get the help easily.


How can I change the Name of Volaris Flights?

You can change the name by visiting the website using the online method or by calling the customer service team directly.

Is Volris’s Same-day flight name change possible?

No, same-day flight name change is not allowed by Volaris Airlines.

What if I find the Volaris misspelled My Name at the Airport?

In this situation, you can contact the help desk and correct your name, by providing the related documents As well.

What documents do I have to submit for a name change on Volaris?

There are documents that you need to submit, such as a Visa, Passport, Government-issued ID, Proof of driving license, or address proof, and other documents such as a Marriage certificate, adoption papers, etc.

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