What Happens If I Miss My Volaris Flight?

When something unexpectedly happens, we can not control the time. Let’s say you have missed a flight with Volaris Airlines, and this is because of heavy traffic you reached the Airport Late, then you have to know Volaris Missed Flight policy. So, when you miss the flight, you will get the alternative options.

Further, If you miss your Flight for any reason, you will get a refund, however, if you want to know the details of what happens if you miss your Flight, and what the policy and the Procedure to rebook your Flight then continue to read further.

Things to Know If You Miss Your Flight 

Try to reach early at the Airport so that you can complete the Volaris Check-in on time. However, if you miss the Flight, then you might have to face some Consequences:

  • Volaris Airlines cancel the Booking on reaching the Airport late.
  • For the flights that you book with a Third party, the airline will not give you any refund.
  • If there is no rebooking option, the airline will put you on the standby list.
  • On missing the flights you have to pay the fee that is under the No Show Policy.

Things to Do After Missing Your Volaris Flight

When you miss your flight, you have to act quickly and inform the Airline about your missing flight. Here are the simple steps that you can take after missing the Flight:

  • First, Be patient and Calm.
  • Then Inform the Airline as early as possible.
  • Request them to provide your best solution.
  • If you already have a travel insurance option, check the terms and Conditions.
  • Now, see if your travel Insurance Covers your missing flight, or provides you a refund or not.

Now that we know what you may face and what you can do to miss your Flight, let’s check out the policy highlights so that you can rebook your missing Flight hassle.

What is Volaris Missed Flight Policy?

When you book the Flight with Volaris Airlines, and you are late to reach the Airport, then check the missed Flight policy highlights mentioned Below:

  • The passenger can rebook the flight if they reach the Airport at last, but the rebooking only depends on the availability.
  • And if the passenger misses their flight under the no-show Policy, the Airline has a right to cancel their flight.
  • Or when your flight is canceled because of the Airline’s fault, then you have a right to get a full refund, or even cancel your Volaris booking.
  •  The passenger can also select an alternative flight.
  • On missing a Connected flight because of the Airline, you can claim a refund.

Note: It is important to know that the Volaris missed flight, can change at any time. Thus, check the website or Contact the Customer service team for up-to-date Information.

How You Can Rebook the Volaris Missed Flight? 

Volaris Airlines Provides two different methods through which you can easily rebook your Missed Flight, Online and Offline. However, if you want to know the Process step by step, continue to read further:

1- Online Method

  • Visit the Website of Volaris Airlines.
  • Now, go to the My Trip option.
  • Enter the details, including your name, reservation code, etc.
  • Now click, and you will get the booking.
  • Choose a new flight for the same destination or route,
  • Make the payment and Complete the Booking.

2- Offline Method

If you fail the online method, don’t worry. You can simply call the Volaris Customer Service team, and get the rebooking done easily.

  • For calling, find the contact number on the website.
  • Dial that number and wait to connect.
  • Now, listen to the IVR options carefully.
  • Choose the option that says, Speak with Representative.
  • Now, provide your booking details and request them to rebook you.
  • Make the payment and complete the Booking.

Do you get charged for Missing the Volaris Flight? 

No, you do not get charged. When you miss your Flight, the whole booking amount will be considered a Volaris cancellation fee, and then there is no refund amount will be given to you. Volaris Airline has straight rules: if they miss a flight at the last moment. The airline only accepts missing flights unless it is only important.

Does Volaris Airline Give Refund on Missing the Flight? 

If you want to know about Volaris Missed Flight Refund, or if you can change or rebook your Flight then with the below-mentioned table you will get the Idea.

Fare TypesRebooking/Change Refund 
Vulea Basic FareChanges are not allowedNon Refundable
Vuela ClassIC FaresChanges allowedFully Refundable
Vuela PlusChanges allowedFully refundable


if you want to know more about Volaris missed flight policy & more, then call the Volaris customer service in Spanish team and get help.